The Reason Behind Connor McGregor’s Retirement


Conor McGregor, the renowned Irish Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) – this name was in the
headlines around a month ago post the announcement of his retirement. This controversial
fighter holds the 8 th rank on the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) pound-for-pound list.
With UFC belts in two categories and 21-4-0 record, he has now retired from the sport.
What is it that forced him to retire? Well, rumours suggest that the reason is likely to be his
business ventures outside this sport, especially his latest whiskey brand called Proper No.
Twelve. Now that this divisive Irishman has hanged up his gloves for good, his decision has
left many people wondering about the kind of legacy he is leaving behind. How will the
world remember him?
There are several arguments related to his law impeachments, which have irreparably had a
bad impact on his legacy. Irrespective of all that, ‘The Notorious’, as Connor is nicknamed,
has achieved great things in MMA. He is unbelievably polarizing amongst the real MMA
‘The Notorious’ has gone wrong with several things in the last few years, but when you
consider what he has managed to accomplish as a UFC fighter, it’s not easy to find anyone
like him to leave a more lasting legacy. Whether you like it or not, Conor McGregor is one of
the best mixed martial artists in history.


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